Anthony Hobert


Teaching Interests

  • Constitutional Law; Philosophy of Science
  • History of Political Thought (esp. 17th-20th century)
  • U.S. Government; Just War Theory
  • U.S. History; World History
  • Indigenous Rights in American Common Law
  • Contemporary Dilemmas; Game Theory


Educational Institutions

  • Roseburg High School
  • Umpqua Community College

Courses Taught

  • U.S. Government (undergraduate) – instructor & course designer (2017-2020) SYLLABUS

Selected Student Comments

  • “He uses engaging teaching methods to keep his students’ attention and help them understand complex concepts by putting them into practice […] We learned crucial life skills like critical thinking, how to respectfully disagree with others, and how to back up our opinions with well-researched evidence.

  • “He goes the extra mile to deliver the highest quality of instruction to his students.”

  • “I personally view [Mr. Hobert] as a mentor who helped shape my personal and professional life […] His teaching methods broach challenging and divisive topics in a neutral manner that encourages logical and rational discourse between students of all walks of life.”

  • “[This class] gave me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone in terms of speaking in front of others, as well as gaining the ability to critically analyze arguments and prepare a response.

  • “What sets Mr. Hobert apart is his passion for educating students and the energy he radiates in his classes because of it […] With a pragmatic and moderate approach to politics in a world where polarization runs rampant, he broadened our class’s perspective on the concept of government and how it affects the general populous. He remains […] a source of inspiration as I continue my track into studying the U.S. political system.”

  • “By creating a classroom environment centered around engagement, he was able to encourage genuine reflection on an individual level. [His] passion for government inspires his students and ignites a flame in each of us to participate in our current democratic system.”

  • “He ensured that his students led successful lives through encouragement and advising, enjoyable and informative lessons, and a persistent display of patience, empathy, and passion for his profession […] I cannot adequately describe the profound impact he has had on my learning style and academic performance”

  • “Mr. Hobert’s teaching style is uniquely interactive. We had many class discussions and collaborative group projects for each section of the class. As we moved through the topics, I felt I retained more compared to the majority of other classes which had covered similar topics.”

  • “Because of his teaching, I ask questions, I listen more, and most importantly I know our voices do matter, so I vote (both in elections and with my dollars).”

  • “Mr. Hobert taught with an infectious enthusiasm that left students leaping at the opportunity to join in on the class discussion. Every lesson was intentionally and thoughtfully tailored to keep us engaged. [He] created a culture where students were allowed to speak without fear of judgement and received unwavering support to explore ideas that may not have otherwise been considered.”

  • “He creates an environment where students not only feel comfortable enough to learn but to express themselves. In his class, students were not only allowed, but encouraged to push back and form opinions of their own and to respect others.”

  • “I would leave class feeling that I have the potential to make a difference...My education was as important to him as it was to me.

  • “I was encouraged to speak my mind. Our classroom was always a space for open, productive discussion. As a young female, I struggled with finding the confidence to express my thoughts and opinions, but Mr. Hobert […] instilled a confidence in me through offering space to think, question, and reflect, and I am incredibly grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn from him.”